by Jerry Toeman

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released September 17, 2013

Special Thanks to Peliala Collins and Jesse Pinkman for their artistic contributions.



all rights reserved


Jerry Toeman Portland, Oregon

poor boy pop

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It's so simple - Just rearrange it - Quit being a - Little baby.
Down by the edge we are the symbol of love. Down by the edge of - Where we ended - The bridge is mended - Our love extended.
She was a flamingo - To florida she had to go - Left my heart gimp - Yet I still love shrimp - So the colors of her glow - Nestling into a cove - With coconuts for clothes - Light as a feather - Seminole weather - Thankful not me is who she chose.
So you go down South - You gotta try it out - You gotta see what the ruckus is all about - You gotta go down South - You gotta try it out.
See ya later alligator - You're a reptile - Land invader - Lay in a swamp - Float at the top - Where the scum forms and the bird turds drop - Be real slick - Be reeled smooth -Live a life of decay - Grime and Ooze - I am a raft - Clearing a path - I am the rain and - You need a bath.
Track Name: COOTIES
Ruby - you might be my soulmate - full moon - shroom tip ovulate - poolside - guitar solo hash pipe - tie dyed - bushy tailed and bright eyed - groovy - wherever you graze next - gridlocked - no touchy talk no slimy sex - cooties - I don't wanna get your cooties.
Rise and shine - it's tomorrow again - blow last night out of your nose as best as you can - Here we go - time to take on the world - Tap in my tablet password - Wish my connection was faster.
Track Name: HITACHI
Toey Oh - Toe Doe.
I bought you a Hitachi - Doesn't that mean anything to you? I guess not
I flew down to see you in the bay - I bought you a Hitachi so we could play
Put that thing on my face girl - Put that thing right under my nose and let me smell it girl - I bought you a Hitachi Magic Wand.
Chop me - In the neck - Throw a cup of water - In my face - I try to leave - Down the stairs - So you kick me - In the back of the knee - I fall down - But i'm okay - Even though - my heart's broken - What did i do? What did i say? Now you're the only person that I hate and I hope you die.
Don't make me choke you - Don't make me try - I'm gonna kill you - You're gonna die - Steal all your weed - Eat all your food - I'll smash your crystals - Throw your cat off the roof. I'll burn your clothes - Turn on all the lights - The electric bill will touch the sky - I won't mow the lawn - You will get a fine - I am gonna kill you so just go on and die.
On and on you shit on me, you fuck my friends and make me believe you're someone you are not - So I'll be stealing all your pot.
It's not over yet - Give it one more go - So I drive to see you - No cars on the road - On the ground 2 feet of snow - In your gut lives the devil - You get drunk - He appears - You're evil on another level.
Toe keeps it cool doe - Fist still on the wheel - This chick starts hitting me - I'm about to go "BYAAAA!" - Toe won't hit a girl - Only kill 'um dead - Drop your ass off - At a gas station - You ain't got no money - And you just lost a friend - But you got a mouth for rides you might start dick-sucking - But not from me doe - Toe needs something strange - how bout a cross between a fox and a scorpio untamed, females!
Track Name: SCORPIO
I should have listened - To myself - Cuz what I have is disappearing - My youth and my health - It's not good - I should've been a tiger - Flashed my teeth at everything - Shown them all how many stripes I have - And let them know - I answer to my Scorpio.
Boan to bone the pussy - And let them know I answer to my Scorpio
Boan to bone the pussy - Scorpio the pussy
Gone away - gone away - all my special powers have gone away - The juice ran dry in a moments' flash - In the blink of an eye - Wonder if it'll ever come back? In the heat of my prime - I wasted too much time - Caring about a woman - Tried to make her mine - And now I see the way to be is loving everywoman and her sweet pussy.
Track Name: TOKENS
No reason for shyness - We've done this before - Just imagine - 4 walls and a locked door - I'm right here beside you - i'm on camera too - Don't climax too fast, I might follow suit.
420 o'clock - It's right on the dot - Getting laid in the shade - In our secret spot - Voyeur above - camouflaged by the leaves - We know he is there - We don't care if he sees - Under surveillance - It's fun to be watched - Artificially candid - Act naturally.
We need more tokens - Yes - We need more tokens - Let me hear that happy sound
We need more tokens - Yes - We need more tokens to keep this peep show open - Or we'll shut it down - We'll shut it down - We'll always be needing tokens - Weed money don't grow on trees.
Scheming in the dirt - Dreaming this will work - The token bell chimes - We toke away what we earn.
Track Name: REDROVER
Hello - I am Jerry Toeman - You can call me Toedoe - The rock is what I'm smelling - WCW - NWO - NFL - MLB - LOLOLOLOLO - Fuckwitme - I'm an ego fapper - I am not a rapper - Posing is my stature - Calvin Klein - Friend of mine - Good cologne - Suck my toe - How bout you - Through my shoe - At george wxyz - alphabet over - never-ending story - break the chain red rover
Doggystyle Doggystyle - ruff ruff ruff ruff -
Doggystyle Doggystyle - this is all you're gonna get
Doggystyle Doggystyle - ruff ruff ruff ruff - Doggystyle
Doggystyle Doggystyle Doggystyle Doggystyle
Doggystyle - one trick pony - this is my only sexual move - position your knees on the bed - ass in the air - it's a scoobity doo - I also get head too - no problem - out in the public - Do you have the guts to swallow my nuts - down to your stomach?
Woodgrain satellite - Diamond blade butter knife - All of my tupperware's tight - Oliver Clothesoff tonight - Lazer beam security - My catering only gator meat - Skittles all over my teeth - Lady cum riddles my sheets.
I am a rapper - I don't like to strain - I walk twice as slow after she gives me brain - Let me lean on you like you was my crutch - Bounce around on me baby - Ah'eddy worked too much - I smoked 20 blunts in the studio - It's been a long day now it's time to go - When I come home tired - Let me explain - It's doggystyle time baby cuz it's less engaged - All my good ideas - And my empathy - I put into my music - So now you can see - why - When I leave the studio I'm not a creative guy - Thats why all I want to do - Is to get doggystyle from you. You're my doggy.
Cowboy with a cellphone
I got an average dick - I got a smart phone - I send you dickpics - So you won't be alone - I gotta let you know - What my peepee looks like - I got a mobile phone - The camera on it's real nice - Don't need photographers - Don't need an artsy touch - Just a mirror and a light bulb - It don't take much - I'll keep you stocked up with my peenie photos - My noodles fettuccini - after I alfredo.
I'm just a simple man with some technology - Where is my common sense? Maybe i'm knowledge-free - I need a quick release - We're in a modern era - Go through my contacts - I don't remember Sarah? Fuck it "send to all" - Lasso all them in - NSA saw your dick, man
Track Name: REWARD
There will be an oasis - Reward for us right at the crest - Keep climbing with me - Don't you quit - You'll only lose your innocence.
Believe it - You'll see it - The future - Is focused - Creating - More future - Infinite - Nothingness - You cray cray - Inverted - Reflection - Peace sign yin yang.
The cleanest - The bluest - Of waters - The cheater cougars and their trophy daughters - Holy meal buffets - Palm trees - Work Hard - Golden Hallways - A.C. by sea breeze - it's EZPZzz
You can't tell by looking - Only by cooking - Me something delicious - Or hell I'll even fuck with something nutritious - I get so excited - I forget to bite - To chew it all up in my mouth - When I don't chew my food it just won't go down.
I'm the boy with the tiny throat - I really hope this meal I don't choke - I embrace the size that the good lord gave me - But if I start to gasp for air please feel free to save me.
You're so normal it's amazing - You've got my jealousy raging - You're so much faster at eating and drinking - I choke the more I indulge my compulsive need to compete - A tragic condition - Leaves me steady wishing - I'm attending restaurants so formal - I've tricked the 4-star staff into thinking I was normal
Long way home - It's such a long way home for a little bitty toe now.
We've put a million football fields between us - And we've kept our fingers crossed up like jesus - Weave in and out nonstop you've kept me dizzy - Weaving is my business jesus I've been busy.
Tellum hows it go
No football fields in portland - Football equals baseball - Baseball is important - Ohio is an organ
I need a touchdown score - I need a homerun slam - I need to dust my spikes off - I see a football field - I let down my shield - My emotions go soft - Sweet crack of the bat - Man it's good to be back - But you keep on walking - Pitch it right down the pipe - Where the hits are ripe - Head fake caught balking
Track Name: ART
Life is art so leave it to the pros - Kill yourself - I won't leave a rose - Now you're gone let's get to work - It's a much lighter load with one less jerk - What a drag to be so sad - No more summers what a bummer - Hellanofun - Just a stick in the mud - You will stay where you are cuz you're stuck - Cuz you'e stuck and ya done - Flames - Inferno - Boom
Track Name: TOEGOD
I water you - To see you grow - You aren't the only - Seed I'll sow - Planted - Grounded - Rooted in - Promise to me shake my hand but I won't let go.
You and I - We are the same - Identical bodies with identical brains - Everyone else is nothing alike - This place ain't big enough for both of us this time - You do the work - I get to play - Piss in the night - Shit in the day - Here's an idea let's form a club - Let's fight in the basement - Beat the whole world up - When we shook hands I forgot to mention - Being my boy will be mental detention - I call the shots - You smooth out the cracks - I hit the front then I hit the back - You fetch the napkins to clean up the mess - I take a nap - I never stress - You're just a thought I decided to think - I'll febreeze your life if you start to stink - Gone with the wind - Dust out in space - I get the head cuz I have the face - Cal Ripken Jr. - I'll never miss - You find the ladies - I plant the kids - You're just the seed - I am the rain - Plant yourself young sprout - TOEGOD is my name.